"Suddenly Hades"
Season 2
Episode number 1
Airdate September 2, 2002
Written by Thomas Hart, Elizabeth Stonecipher,
Director(s) Tony Craig, Roberts Gannaway
Episode chronology
Dennis the Duck Pete's One-Man Show
Pete breaks the club's air-conditioner on a very hot day and the only guest left is Hades. Now, Mickey and the gang must stop Pete from driving Hades away and shutting down the club. Pete eventually succeeds in driving away Hades by flooding the club, but it becomes habitable to Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder.


  • Hercules: Hades
  • The Little Mermaid: Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian
  • Pocahontas: Pocahontas
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Piglet
  • The Lion King: Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed


Donald's Pool (2000), Donald's Lighthouse (2000)