General Information
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Address: Toon Town
Occupation(s): Club mascot

Family & Friends
Relationships: Mickey Mouse (owner and best friend)

Minnie Mouse (friend) Goofy (friend) Donald Duck (friend and former owner) Daisy Duck (friend) Chip and Dale (frienimies) Pete (enemy) Figaro (friend, former enemy)

Friends: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Daisy Duck, Figaro, Clarabelle Cow, Ludwig Von Drake,
Enemies: Pete
Series Information
Voice talent: Bill Farmer (1990-present)
Pluto is the official mascot of the House of Mouse.

Outside of the SeriesEdit

Pluto (formerly known as Pluto the Pup) is an animated cartoon character made famous in a series of Disney short cartoons. He has most frequently appeared as Mickey Mouse's pet dog. He also had an independent starring role in 48 Disney shorts in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Pluto is unusual for a Disney character in that he is not anthropomorphized beyond showing an unusually broad range of facial expressions or use of his front paws at key points; he is actually represented as a normal dog (unlike Goofy who is an anthropomorphic dog).

Pluto was initially a minor character until 1934, when Disney animator Norm Ferguson gave the dog a key role in the cartoon Playful Pluto. Pluto becomes entangled with a sticky piece of flypaper, and Ferguson expanded the sequence significantly. The segment became a classic, demonstrating how Disney artists can take a simple circumstance and build humor through a character.

Pluto is considered one of the first Disney characters to break out of the "rubber hose and circle" formula style the studio had relied on; the dog's design gave him the appearance of actually being round instead of flat. In addition, Pluto is one of the first cartoon characters that is actually shown to have thought processes through the use of character animation.


Pluto is a well trained dog and cares deeply for his owner, Mickey Mouse. Similar to Mickey, he often finds himself in trouble but is much better at escaping the situation. On occasion he can get fussy and argumentative with others, even Mickey. Unlike what most believe, he is fairly intelligent. He greatly dislikes cats, most likely due to both his natural instincts and because of his intense rivalry with Minnie's cat, Figaro.


  • Pluto appears to be a mixed breed containing both bloodhound and pointer.
  • His birthday is September 5.