"Pete's Christmas Caper"
Pete's caper
Season 3
Episode number Second Special Episode
Airdate December 2, 2002
Written by Thomas Hart, Jess Winfield, Roberts Gannaway
Director(s) Tony Craig, Roberts Gannaway,
Episode chronology
Clarabelle's Christmas List Snow Day
Pete tries to steal everyone's presents when he volunteers to play Santa at the staff's Christmas party.


It's Christmastime at the House of Mouse, and backstage, Minnie announces to the crew that, instead of their usual gift exchange, they are going to do something else with real Christmas spirit this year. Suddenly, Pete the landlord bursts in, demanding to know why they did not invite him to their gift exchange, but Mickey tells him that they did invite him. Pete offers to play Santa Claus, and Mickey agrees. Pete rushes off to go get a Santa outfit (which he snatches from another guy playing Santa) and talks about how he is planning to take all the presents for himself.

After the first half of "The Nutcracker" is shown and the audience watches a segment by Ludwig Von Drake about "The Science of Santa" (recycled from Mickey's Magical Christmas), Pete gets to work stealing the presents. Realizing he may need help doing that, he steals Yen Sid's magic hat and then conjures up a group of Magic Brooms which he sends out to steal the staff's presents and bring them to him.

When the staff notices their Christmas presents have disappeared, Mickey says he has a good suspicion as to who took them. When Pete hears Mickey calling for him, he stuffs his bag full of the presents he stole into a grate nearby. Mickey says that the presents were meant for Pete, explaining that he and the crew had decided to set aside their differences and give presents to Pete this Christmas. Pete says maybe the presents are in the grate he just stuffed them into, but Minnie says that is silly, telling him that's the furnace. Pete, realizing he just burned his own presents, starts crying, but Mickey and Minnie assume he is really touched by what they said. Later, Pete helps pull a prank on Mortimer Mouse when he tries to get Minnie under the mistletoe again.

Guests (incomplete)Edit

  • Aladdin: Jafar
  • The Lion King: Pumbaa, Timon
  • Pinocchio: Pinocchio
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: The Dwarves


The Nutcracker (1999), Donald's Dynamite: Snowman (1999)


Toys for the House of Mouse has been provided Geppetto's Toy shoppe