Maximilian "Max" Goof
General Information
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Address: Toon Town
Occupation(s): Parking Valet

Family & Friends
Relationships: Goofy (father), Mrs. Goof (deceased mother) P.J. (best friend) Bobby (2nd best friend)
Series Information
Voice talent: Jason Marsden

Maximilian "Max" Goof is the 18-19 year old son of Goofy and the late Mrs. Goof. He is a recurring though relatively minor character throughout the series, serving as the House of Mouse's parking valet.

He is currently going to college and dating Roxanne, which most likely means that the House of Mouse occurs after An Extremely Goofy Movie.


Max is a rather calm and level-headed young adult, oftentimes acting even more mature than the rest of the main cast. He is easily embarrased by his father's goofiness and tries to avoid it if at all possible, especially when around his love interest, Roxanne.


While most of his roles are minor and consist of him parking varying cars, there are a few episodes centering on him.

The episode Max's Embarrassing Date shows Max bringing his date, Roxanne, to the House of Mouse. However, he is worried that his father will do something goofy and embarrass him in front of her, so he enlists the help of the group. Unfortunately, this backfires when the gang goes overboard in their attempt to help make the perfect date. Goofy saves the night by stepping in to intercept the gang and give Max and Roxanne privacy.

In Max's New Car, Max is trying to convince Goofy to allow him to have his own car. Goofy refuses at first, saying that he doesn't believe that Max is responsible enough. Max asks Mickey for help, so Mickey temporarily gives Max the club hosting duties and allows him to show cartoons from Goofy's past showing how irresponsible Goofy used to be.

In Goofy for a Day, Goofy hears Max say that being a waiter isn't as important as being the host or greeter. Goofy then gives Max his head waiter duties for the day to show him how important the job really is.


  • Max's other friends, Bobby and PJ, do not appear in the House of Mouse.