Horace Horsecollar
General Information
Gender: Male
Species: Horse
Address: Toon Town
Occupation(s): Technician

Family & Friends
Relationships: Unknown
Series Information
Voice talent: Bill Farmer
Horace is the kind technician of the club and loves to help others. He uses unconventional means to start up the cartoons, such as using a mallet or punching glove on the DVD player to get it to start.


Horace is a caring and cheerful character. He can be rather egotistic or appear as a know-it-all at times, but the other characters readily forgive him for it. He is also the type to attack first and ask questions later, which usually gets him into trouble.


  • In the episode House of Scrooge, Horace reveals that his big idea is to open a barn themed amusement park called Horace Land.