"Donald Wants to Fly"
Wants to Fly
Season 3
Episode number 9
Airdate November 5, 2009
Written by Henry Gilroy, Thomas Hart, Roberts Gannaway
Director(s) Tony Craig, Roberts Gannaway
Episode chronology
House of Scrooge Dining Goofy
The theme of the day is flight, and Donald can't fly, even though he wants to. Various characters try to help him achieve that goal, including Timothy Mouse and the Notre Dame Gargoyles.


  • Aladdin: Carpet, Iago
  • Alice in Wonderland: Alice, Caterpillar
  • Dumbo: The Crows, Dumbo, Timothy Mouse
  • Hercules: Hades, Pain, Panic
  • The Jungle Book: Vultures
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Pooh, Eeyore, Kanga, Tigger
  • The Lion King: Timon, Pumbaa
  • Peter Pan: Lost Boys, Peter Pan Slightly
  • Sleeping Beauty: Flora Fauna and Merryweather

Dishes mentioned:Edit

  • Gargoyle Charoyle
  • Zazu's Fondu
  • Peanut Pan


Mickey's Airplane Kit (1999), Mickey and the Seagull (2000)


Air travel for House of Mouse guests provided by: "Dumbo Airlines"