Clarabelle Cow
General Information
Gender: Female
Species: Cow
Address: Toon Town
Occupation(s): Local gossiper

Family & Friends
Relationships: Goofy (love interest)
Series Information
Voice talent: April Winchell

Clarabelle is the local gossiper at the House of Mouse and tends to unintentionally create trouble.


Clarabelle is a well-mannered cow who can be rather clumsy at times. She loves to go shopping, attend parties, and especially gossip. The latter trait has a tendency to get her into trouble and upset many of the other characters. She also has a habit of interpreting gossip into a completely different meaning than was intended by the speaker, such as when she believed that Mickey thought that the House of Mouse would run better without Minnie. She is the love interest of Goofy and remains faithful to him, which is shown when she refused to take up Super Goof's offer to date, stating that she had a date with Goofy (she was not aware that they were the same person.)