"Clarabelle's Big Secret"
Big Secret
Season 1
Episode number 16
Airdate October 6, 2001
Written by Tracy Berna, Kevin Campbell, Thomas Hart, Elizabeth Stonecipher,
Director(s) Tony Craig, Roberts Gannaway, Mike Moon, Rick Schneider
Episode chronology
Goofy for a Day The Mouse Who Came to Dinner
When everyone is tired of Clarabelle's old gossip, she announces that at the end of the show, she will reveal a big secret about somebody. Now, everyone in the club is convinced that she knows something hidden about them which they accidentally reveal to her.

Guests (incomplete)Edit

  • Alice in Wonderland: White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, March Hare
  • Beauty and the Beast: Gaston
  • Hercules: The Fates
  • The Lion King: Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki


How to Be a Spy (1999), Double Date Donald (2001)